The Interspan "Hall Effect" Trigger
A Lightweight “Low Cost”
Magnetic"Hall Effect" Trigger System


Applications :
Motocross – Trials – Short Road Racing – Grasstrack – Speedway – Sprints – Drag Racing – Hill Climbs

Description :
A Standard NEW Lightweight “easy to install” multi-function Interspan Trigger Kit
For machines with cam & crank driven triggers.

Single Plug Price : £ 100.00 *
Parallel Twin Plug Price : £ 110.00 *
+ Postage.
*Price includes – Trigger Back Plate, Rotor, Alloy Spacer, Stainless Steel bolt, Copper sealing washers

New Features :
Weight: 90 grammes

LED Timing Light                     

More “precise” Timing & Triggering
Compatible with the New Clubman series & any existing Interspan Points Systems*
*(Most other existing Interspan Ignition systems can be easily converted)

Usual Features :
Standard for BSA – Triumph – Norton – Honda - CCM etc.
Single & Parallel Twin Rotor versions
(Any other specifications ie: V Twin Engines or Crank Triggering, on demand)

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