Installing or trouble shooting your Interspan Electronic Ignition System.

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Installation sheets for IS rechargeable Batterie Systems





Universal Installation Sheet for Standard IS Battery System   
Installation Sheet for Standard Interspan Trigger Kit   
Installation Sheet with Remote Charging Socket   
How to install your IS Pal   Lucas Mag Systems 
Problem with charging your Rechargeable Battery System 
Sport 8v Charging Sheet Pro 20v Single Charging Sheet
Pro 20v Twin Charging Sheet  
Your engine does not start
Contacless Trigger System Points System


  • Your Engine has a misfire: (coming soon)

  • Your Engine misfires and stops: (coming soon)

  • Your Engine stopped suddenly during the race: (coming soon)

  • Your charging lamp does not light up: (coming soon)

  • Your ON light does not light up: (coming soon)

  • Your ON light flickers: (coming soon)

  • Where to send my Interspan Ignition System :  (coming soon)

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