Servicing & Repairs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Interspan is the only valid official repair centre for Interspan Ignition Units. Please Beware of any other repair centres who advertise to repair Interspan Ignitions. We cannot guarantee to be able to do any repairs on an Interspan Ignition if previously tampered with by any other non official repair centres. Please remember that repairs by Interspan are not only a price, they are quality repairs with original parts and all have a *1 year guarantee ! *This will only cover the original repair.


All Recommended Retail Prices Plus Delivery.


Standard Service on Interspan Ignition Units - £ 85.00
Includes: - Load Test and Cycle Charge of the battery pack or cells to balance them. Test on H.T. Coil with resistance test and running test on rig. Check on H.T. Leads for broken or deteriorated wires and plugs.Test of Electronic Module on test rig with trigger kit to maximum RPM. Check on advance curve. Inspection of wires and connectors for broken joints.

Standard Service on Interspan Trigger Kits - £ 20.00
Includes: - Heat Cycle Test for resistance and good continuity. Check on wires and connectors re-solder or replace wire if needed. Check screws and back plates for cracks and damage.

Note: Small repairs i.e.: broken wires (except for HT lead), loose nuts or screws are included in the service.
All other repairs will be added on with your permission to the price.
Important repair work will be quoted.

Standard Repairs

Broken H.T. Lead(s) – £ 60.00 (single) £ 80.00 (twin)
Includes: - De-potting of coil, re-fitting new H.T. lead, continuity test, re-potting coil and test on rig. Re-fitting new Plug Cap and insert. Check and test.

Broken Switch – £ 55.00 (8 Pin Box) £ 58.00 (6 Pin Box) £ 58.00 (4 Pin Box)
Includes: - Unwiring broken switch replacing and rewiring new switch. Check and test.

Broken Connector Socket - £ 28.00 (8 Pin) £ 33.00 (6 Pin) £ 28.00 (4 Pin)
Includes: - Unwiring connector, replacing and rewiring with new connector. Check and test.

Standard Battery Pack 8v - 2.5Ah Replacement - £ 65.00  (on post 2009 units only) For pre-2009 units, add £35 for modifications to charging circuit wiring etc. (inclusif if serviced).
Includes: - Unwiring old battery pack, replacing with new pack, rewiring, check charge and test.

Standard H.T. Coil replacement – £ 120.00 (single) £130.00 (twin)
Includes: - Dismantling H.T. Leads, unwiring and extracting old coil. Re-fitting new coil, re-encapsulation, rewiring, re-fitting with new H.T. lead(s) and plugs. Check and running test on rig.

Standard Electronic Module Replacement - £ 110.00
Includes: - Unwiring old module, rewiring with new module. Check and running test on rig.


Battery Power Upgrade (pre-2009 Units) - £ 185.00 Now with new Higher Power Twin 8v - 4.5Ah  NiMH Batteries
Includes: - Discharging and de-potting old batteries. Clean up. Unwiring and rewiring upgraded charging circuit. Fitting and rewiring new battery pack. Check, charge and run on test rig. (Also included in this price is a full standard service).

Electronic Module Upgrade (to latest technology spec.) – £ 150.00
Includes: - Unwiring old Module, rewiring new module, check and test (including coil)* on rig. (also included in price is a full standard service).   Some very old coils can be incompatible.*

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